Yankees Memes

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Alex Rodriguez Guys, I'm finally cleared to play in games!!24 hours ago via TwitterCommentLike


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Robinson Cano Finally some protection22 hours ago Like

Derek Jeter Bro, he hasn't gotten a hit since that chic in the playoffs last year.20 hours ago Like

Robinson Cano Burn!!! Happy Birthday btw. How old are you, 85?19 hours ago Like

Derek Jeter Why don't you focus on earning that big money contract you're gonna get and shut up17 hours ago Like

David Adams Guess its back to the minors for me... 15 hours ago Like

Every Yankees Fan About time you scrub13 hours ago Like

Zoilo Almonte At least you guys have me!12 hours ago Like

Vernon Wells When did you learn English??? 11 hours ago Like

Zoilo Almonte Bro, you havn't hit a curveball in 5 years10 hours ago Like

ESPN Breaking News Vernon Wells found dead in his house after committing suicide9 hours ago Like

Ichiro Finally this ni**a's gone8 hours ago Like

Alex Rodriguez Guys, why aren't you talking about me!!!7 hours ago Like

Brian Cashman Alex, shut the f*ck up! Imma come over there right now and beat you're a**!6 hours ago Like

Alex Rodriguez No, not my hips!5 hours ago Like

ESPN Breaking News Alex Rodriguez has broken both his hips after fight with GM.4 hours ago Like

Brian Cashman Pussy...3 hours ago Like

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