The Disney Girls

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Bella Thorne Make sure to watch a new episode of my show "Shake It Up" tonight at 8:30! :)24 hours ago via Facebook for iPhoneCommentLike


Bridgit Mendler Don't forget to watch the new episode of Good Luck Charlie afterwards. :D21 hours ago

Ashley Tisdale So, which road are you bitches going down? 20 hours ago

Bella Thorne What do you mean?19 hours ago

Vanessa Hudgens Are you two gonna become successful actors like me & Ashley or do drugs and go to rehab like Miley & Demi?18 hours ago

Miley Cyrus STFU VANESSA! At least we didn't take nude photos of ourselves.17 hours ago

Ashley Tisdale Don't talk to my bestie that way!15 hours ago

Vanessa Hudgens Listen up Miley, I sent those photos to my long-time boyfriend and he loved them. I think it even made our relationship stronger. Now go back to smoking salvia, little girl. 14 hours ago

Zac Efron That's my girl! :)13 hours ago

Demi Lovato You guys aren't even on Disney Channel anymore! Just GTFO! Miley and I don't need to put up with this. We are two of the most successful Disney stars right now.12 hours ago

Ashley Tisdale But we still starred on Disney Channel's most successful movie to date. Plus Zac, Vanessa, and I (the only relevant ones) went on to star in hit movies and TV shows. I'm on a popular CW show, Zac just finished filming a movie and is going to film another one soon, and Vanessa has two movies coming out in March. We win. 11 hours ago

Miley Cyrus Do you bitches wanna take this outside?!10 hours ago

Vanessa Hudgens Yeah we wanna take this outside!9 hours ago

Bella Thorne Oh my gosh. Bridgit, we should be best friends forever so this doesn't happen to us.8 hours ago

Bridgit Mendler Totes! <37 hours ago

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