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Tom Brady Hey Peyton, can't wait to play you later today! Gonna be great!24 hours ago via TwitterCommentLike


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Peyton Manning That's right bro. The best QB's facing off today.23 hours ago Like

Tom Brady Yeah, buddy. Only the elite play in a game like this.22 hours ago Like

Eli Manning Ahem...21 hours ago Like

Peyton Manning Hey little bro! Have fun watching from the sidelines of my all-star game again.20 hours ago Like

Tom Brady Eli, gtfo. This is only for top caliber QB's.19 hours ago Like

Eli Manning I'm sorry I was polishing my two Super Bowl rings after beating the Pats. Peyton remembers those, he was standing there watching in the skybox.18 hours ago Like

Blaine Gabbert OHHHH BURN17 hours ago Like

Tom Brady Shut the hell up Gabbert. Your team doesn't even deserve to be in the CFL.15 hours ago Like

Ben Roethlisberger Eli, you ain't the only nigga wit two rings tho.14 hours ago Like

Peyton Manning Get out of here rapist.13 hours ago Like

Eli Manning Talk to me when you're the most successful first round, first pick QB in history12 hours ago Like

Andrew Luck Title soon to be taken by me...10 hours ago Like

Tom Brady LMAO9 hours ago Like

Peyton Manning ROFLMAO8 hours ago Like

Eli Manning Suck a dick, Luck.7 hours ago Like

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