Fandom Facebook Chat Part 1

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Charlie Bone Hey, where's anyone?24 hours ago via TwitterCommentLike


Jacob Black Oh, hi Charlie!23 hours ago

Charlie Bone Hi, Jake! Have you spoke to Bella yet?22 hours ago

Jacob Black No. She still insists on dating Edward. Stupid bloodsucker.21 hours ago

Charlie Bone Awww don't feel too bad, Jake. Iím sure you'll find someone for you.20 hours ago

Jacob Black Perhaps I will.19 hours ago

Lyra Belacqua Hey Charlie, hi Jake.18 hours ago

Charlie Bone Hi Lyra. How are things at your school?17 hours ago

Neville Longbottom Well, not too bad actually.16 hours ago

Jacob Black Hey Neville, I got a question for you.15 hours ago

Neville Longbottom Like what?14 hours ago

Jacob Black What are the chances that I'll hook up with Bella?13 hours ago

Lyra Belacqua Uhhhh wait, Iíll have to check the compass...unfortunately, slim to none.12 hours ago

Charlie Bone Ooooooh tough luck Jake!11 hours ago

Neville Longbottom Don't worry, there's other girls out there for you.10 hours ago

Lyra Belacqua Yeah Jacob. I bet there's girls out there who like guys who can turn into wolves.9 hours ago

Jacob Black But I like Bella!!!!8 hours ago

Bella Swan Jake, are you whining to your online friends again?7 hours ago

Jacob Black Why not, Bella? you chose Edward over me!6 hours ago

Neville Longbottom But Jake, you still have a chance with another girl. Why not date Ginny Weasley?5 hours ago

Bella Swan Ginny??? Oh frick no you didn't, Neville! That girl is a stalker. I personally find her repulsive.4 hours ago

Lyra Belacqua Not to mention she's greedy and wants Harry only for his fame.3 hours ago

Charlie Bone He should have gone with Hermione. Or even Luna.2 hours ago

Jacob Black Guys, you're not helping!1 hours ago

Bella Swan Jacob, please! Stop projecting your angst onto them and the Internet!0 hours ago

Lyra Belacqua Or why don't we try this: you need a girl who'll actually listen to you...-1 hours ago

Jacob Black Bella...-2 hours ago

Neville Longbottom And she doesn't stalk you or only want you for your fame...-3 hours ago

Jacob Black Bella...-4 hours ago

Charlie Bone And she completes you in every way shape or form...-5 hours ago

Jacob Black Bella...I need help, don't I?-6 hours ago

Bella Swan You need some serious help, Jake.-7 hours ago

Jacob Black But I love you Bella!-8 hours ago

The Volturi Hey, wassup guys?-9 hours ago

The Volturi Darn it! Every time we try to join a chatroom, everyone else leaves! What are we doing wrong???!!!-10 hours ago

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