Harry Potter

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Harry Potter is pissed off at hermione2 hours agoCommentLike


Hermione Granger What did I do?2 hours ago

Harry Potter you stole my potions text book, that's what!!2 hours ago

Severus Snape 100 points from Gryffindor for stealing, Granger.2 hours ago

Draco Malfoy ROFL! Go Snape go!2 hours ago

Harry Potter sod off malfoy! btw, you have an ugly display pic.2 hours ago

Severus Snape Me?2 hours ago

Harry Potter no, i was talking to malfoy.2 hours ago

Lucius Malfoy Draco, what are you doing talking to these people?! I am very disappointed in you.2 hours ago

Draco Malfoy Well...I am very disappointed with the fact that you named me DRACO, father. What an ugly name.2 hours ago

Harry Potter stop spamming my wall!2 hours ago

Voldemort Harry Potter. We meet again.2 hours ago

Harry Potter oh, hi voldemort. are you trying to kill me yet again?2 hours ago

Voldemort Oh, no no no. I just want to talk about this thing you call "love". 2 hours ago

Draco Malfoy ROFLMAO!2 hours ago

Voldemort Shut up, Draco. Just because you don't know how to love.2 hours ago

Draco Malfoy ;(2 hours ago

Voldemort Anyway, as I was saying, before the ferret boy interrupted: What *is* love? How do you define it?2 hours ago

Severus Snape Pardon me, my Lord. Why are you asking such a question?2 hours ago

Voldemort Well...I have this really strange feeling in my gut whenever I look at Bellatrix... I do not understand it. I have these urges to caress her cheek... 2 hours ago

Harry Potter i said: STOP SPAMMING MY WALL! and lol voldemort's learnt to love!!! xD2 hours ago

Voldemort So is this love that I feel?2 hours ago

Harry Potter yeah, definitely. do you have a monster in your chest?2 hours ago

Voldemort Yes, how did you know?2 hours ago

Hermione Granger Er...sorry to butt in, but that monster thing is not love. It's lust.2 hours ago

Draco Malfoy EWWW! You Know Who lusting after aunt Bella! EWWW!2 hours ago

Severus Snape Stop being immature, Draco. Love knows no boundaries.2 hours ago

Harry Potter lol whut?2 hours ago

Severus Snape Nothing.2 hours ago

Albus Dumbledore Professor Snape loves your mother, Harry.2 hours ago

Harry Potter OMG u srs?!2 hours ago

Albus Dumbledore Yes, I am serious. And I would advise you to type properly. You are sixteen years old, yet you type like a twelve year old Justin Bieber fan.2 hours ago

Draco Malfoy OMG I love "One Time" by JB!!2 hours ago

Harry Potter ...2 hours ago

Lucius Malfoy Draco! I did not raise my son to be a sissy!2 hours ago

Severus Snape Hahahaha, Draco listens to Justin Bieber! Hahaha, I haven't laughed this much in years! HAHAHAHAHA!2 hours ago

Draco Malfoy If everyone's going to make fun of me, then fine. At least I don't listen to Miley Cyrus. *coughPottercough*2 hours ago

Harry Potter I DO NOT!!!!!!!!111111112 hours ago

Ron Weasley dont lie, harry. u listen to her songs every night before u sleep. its sickening. also, i heard you sing "party in the usa" last night in your sleep.2 hours ago

Harry Potter lies! i would do no such thing!!!2 hours ago

Severus Snape There's no need to lie, Potter, for I know the truth. I performed Legilimency on you yesterday to find out why you didn't do your Potions homework, and all I got out of you was: "Don't let Snape know I was listening to her new album all last night." 2 hours ago

Draco Malfoy OMG Potter, you have her NEW album? I'm jealous, father won't let me waste money on this sort of music.2 hours ago

Severus Snape ...2 hours ago

Hermione Granger What is with this blatant display of OOC-ness? It is not amusing.2 hours ago

Harry Potter no one's out of character!2 hours ago

Harry Potter is pissed off at hermione2 hours ago

Ron Weasley here we go again. 2 hours ago

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