Disney Pones Bieber

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Justin Bieber i could take on all three Jonas Brothers!! hell yea!2 hours agoCommentLike


Joe Jonas Really!? ya think!?2 hours ago

Demi Lovato HAHAHA!!! Justin, you make me laugh! xD2 hours ago

Justin Bieber HEY! don't laugh! i could!!2 hours ago

Nick Jonas HAHA! no Justin, you really couldn't. 2 hours ago

Big Rob HEY! let's settle this. Justin vs JB right now!2 hours ago

Kevin Jonas no point Rob, Justin won't wanna. it'll mess up his hair.2 hours ago

Joe Jonas oooh. PONED!!!2 hours ago

Miley Cyrus hey!! lay off Justin! it's not her fault she just got a manicure!!2 hours ago

Nick Jonas LOL!!!! double ponage! 2 hours ago

Justin Bieber alright!!! lets fight and prove me right!!2 hours ago

Joe Jonas okay!! then we can have a disney only party to celebrate the winners!!2 hours ago

Selena Gomez YESS!! then we can play the new version of Justins song!2 hours ago

Justin Bieber what...? i never recorded another version to any of my songs...2 hours ago

Selena Gomez sure you did..."i'm a baby baby baby, ohh. a baby baby baby, noo. a baby baby baby, ohh. the jonas bros kicked my ass today...."2 hours ago

Mickey Mouse ding ding ding!! we have a winner! point to Disney >:D2 hours ago

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