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King Louis XVI It's May 10, 1774 and I've just become king of France!!!24 hours ago via BlackberryCommentLike


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The Peasants Congratulations! Maybe now you can stop taxing us a provide us peasants with some freakin bread!23 hours ago Like

King Louis XVI Hey don't blame me, it's the nobility class and the RCC that's making your lives miserable.22 hours ago Like

Nobility boy What? We're the nobility, the wealthiest and most powerful class in France, (besides the clergy, but they suck anyway). We need to tax you guys that's our income.21 hours ago Like

RCC Same here. We provide education, aid, charity, and most importantly hope for you ungrateful peasants. The least we could do is collect tithes from you.20 hours ago Like

The Peasants We're already in poverty! There's no reason to tax us! You could tax the clergy, but I guess their too IMPORTANT to be taxed or some crap like that.19 hours ago Like

Clergy Don't hate on the clergy cuz we better18 hours ago Like

Voltaire Personally I believe that the Roman Catholic Church is disgraceful. I believe that freedom of speech and religion are two HUGE necessities in life, and I feel that the RCC eliminates those freedoms.17 hours ago Like

Jean Jacques Rousseau I agree with Voltaire in the sense that the liberty of citizens should be protected. That's why I've created The Social Contract, a way in which the government could effectively establish authority, while still protecting the liberty of citizens.16 hours ago Like

Clergy Hey Louis, I think we should get, like, special privileges and stuff.15 hours ago Like

Nobility boy I agree with Clergy. We should be guaranteed personal liberty, freedom of speech and press, and freedom of arbitrary arrest. 14 hours ago Like

King Louis XVI Sure I don't care.13 hours ago Like

The Peasants What? That's totally unfair! Us sitting in the Third Estate will not put up with this.12 hours ago Like

King Louis XVI Shut up The Peasants!11 hours ago Like

Nobility boy The Peasants have striked back! They've attacked the First and Second Estates! Soldiers have been positioned but the poor won't stop!10 hours ago Like

King Louis XVI Fine, First Estate, chillax. You can now be known as the National Assembly.9 hours ago Like

National Assembly Finally! We have decided to issue the Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen, basically claiming the equality among all.8 hours ago Like

Clergy Jerks.6 hours ago Like

King Louis XVI These peasant women just broke into my palace in Versailles and demanded I move back to Paris. Like honestly chill, you'll get your damn bread.5 hours ago Like

National Assembly We have declared war on the Austrian Monarchy. They are a threat.4 hours ago Like

Committee of Public Safety You guys need to chill. We already out here murdering people on the street cuz of yall. We've decided to abolish feudal privileges, as we think it's in the best for our nation. Get your crap together, France. Committee of Public Safety, out.3 hours ago Like

The Peasants King Louis's dead!2 hours ago Like

Napolean Yes he is, and now I'm in charge. There's gonna be some changes here. First off, class division will be based on skill, not social status. And, ummm, we'll go to lots of wars. 2 hours ago Like

The Peasants Great. Napolean's been defeated by freakin Russia and were still poor and starving. Good job Napoleon.2 hours ago Like

Christopher Coloumbus Yeah yeah we get it The Peasants you're miserable the French revolution's done get over it. Meanwhile I've just discovered some great new place for sugar production. I think I'll name it Hispaniola.2 hours ago Like

Taino man Sorry Columbus but we kinda already live here.2 hours ago Like

Christopher Columbus Yeah ok suuuure. Now you're gonna be our slaves, along with some Africans we found.2 hours ago Like

Christopher Columbus There's also a lot of gold here. 2 hours ago Like

The Slaves This is outrageous. We make your sugar, cotton, what ever the hell you want but you Europeans still treat us like crud. We're the reason for your economic boom.2 hours ago Like

Christopher Columbus Don't complain to me bro. I just discovered the place I don't care what happens on it.2 hours ago Like

Plantation Owner Great now the slaves have created some weird stuff called Voodoo or whatever. something about mixing Catholicism and traditional Voodoo to disguise it. It's uniting them and making them stronger and I don't like it. I'M JUST TRYNA MAKE A FREAKIN LIVIN AND BEAT SOME SLAVES AND GET SOME MONEY IS THAT TOO HARD TO ASK!?!?!?!?2 hours ago Like

Maroon Sucks for you plantation owner, I've already fled to the mountains and created my own society!2 hours ago Like

Plantation Owner 2 Just caught this Makandal dude trying to poison all us whites. What a loser. Too bad I killed him.2 hours ago Like

Affranchi101 Just saying that if whites get rights to the Declaration thing us free blacks should too.2 hours ago Like

Boukman Dutty Don't give up guys. We will fight and revolt until we reach our goal abolishing slavery.2 hours ago Like

The slaves Or at least better working conditions.2 hours ago Like


Affranchi101 Doesn't freaking matter anyway because France already repealed the law.2 hours ago Like

WHITE MAN YAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!2 hours ago Like

Spain Look guys, (black rebels), we wanna help. So if you grant us allegiance, we'll grant you land and freedom to you and your families.2 hours ago Like

Louverture Yes indeed. We will grow strong and overpower the French and the British supporting them. With my help, we will control Saint Dominique.2 hours ago Like

Riguad Hold up my brother, maybe I should be in control of the colony.2 hours ago Like

Loverture If you're trying to fight you'll lose.2 hours ago Like

Jean Jacques Dessalines Well I just defeated the last of Rigaud's army. You're welcome Louverture.2 hours ago Like

Haiti Yay we're independent now! #letsmakeHaitigreatagain2 hours ago Like

Charles X Haiti you must now pay an independence debt to compensate former colonists for the slaves who gained their freedom during the Haitian Revolution.2 hours ago Like

France Do it or we will attack.2 hours ago Like

Haiti Fine. Just put us into poverty, it's not like we just suffered through a whole freakin revolution or whatever.2 hours ago Like

Spain Great, because now that we're too busy at war, all these other colonies are declaring their independence. 2 hours ago Like

SImon Bolivar Thank you Haiti and Britain for supporting my military. I've just liberated Venezuela and Ecuador.2 hours ago Like

Spain Now there are 18 states in Spanish America? What is happening?!?!2 hours ago Like

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