Ishmael's concern

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Ishmael Such ashamed to know that the system is so corrupted. I have tried to take a stand and have made such a little impact. 24 hours ago via TwitterCommentLike


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Old Man Warner Not again. Young man, you must know your place. If only young people like you could see that your ancestors have paved a way for all of us to keep everyone in line. 23 hours ago Like

Enn Do you guys actually do this every year? My grandma was telling me about it. That’s why she moved so far away and started her family elsewhere. I didn’t know that the lottery still happened in towns. 22 hours ago Like

Old Man Warner Yes indeed it still happens. It would be great for you to maybe participate in one. As long as you are the leading male of your household. Women are not allowed to draw for they are not the ones in charge. 21 hours ago Like

Enn Your whole town stones someone to death. Why would I participate in something like that. That is something truly out of this world, and I’m not about that 20 hours ago Like

Jig How very sad to hear things like this. This is what makes me so indecisive about bringing a child into this earth. Only hope for the better in the future. 19 hours ago Like

Miss Brill So glad I did not grow up in a town like this. I have been around for quite some time and am glad I flead away when I was young with my fur before it was too late. 18 hours ago Like

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