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Triolet Wow! Has anyone else heard about what's going on between the U.S. and Russia lately??? Seems like history might be repeating itself! So interesting to see such different cultures at odds with one another again!24 hours ago via TweetDeckCommentLike


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Emily Well, one thing is for sure, if there's a war it'll be the working class sent off to fight, not the people actually starting the war. Lame!23 hours ago Like

Arnold If our government leaders could solve their deeply rooted fear of difference and desire to prove something to the world, there might actually be progress. Until then, guess we have to deal with their petty disputes.22 hours ago Like

Mr. Lengel Who says the government is the issue here? All we know for sure is that there's a dispute going on, and they're trying to solve it peacefully. Stop blaming them for what hasn't happened!21 hours ago Like

Triolet Can't we just appreciate how strongly this emphasizes how different cultures interact and the two dramatically different views on the world? It's interesting, I wasn't trying to start World War III here...20 hours ago Like

Miss Brill Well, why wouldn't this lead to war? It nearly did in the past, and from my experience, when two forces disagree, they like to resort to hate and violence. I can't help but fear the worst, especially with governments wanting to show off their nuclear weapons. It's ridiculous!19 hours ago Like

Louise I couldn't agree more, Miss Brill! See, this is part of the reason the world needs more women in higher ranking government positions! For too long it's been mostly men. Understanding different perspectives would help solve so many problems! That's why we need diversity in the world!18 hours ago Like

Robert Don't forget that there's more to diversity than just balance between men and women! Especially the United States is a very diverse place, and all that diversity should be represented in our government!17 hours ago Like

Connie Diversity includes everyone! A lot of groups are getting more representation everywhere, but a lot of times the LGBTQ community gets neglected! Let's not forget about that!16 hours ago Like

Montresor I can't help feeling like this really relates to the bigger picture of things going on in the world the past few years. If you look at how so many countries have been hoarding weapons of mass destruction it seems that they'll find any excuse to threaten to use them. If the past is any indicator, they'll find a diplomatic solution to the situation in Syria. Somehow they usually seem to.15 hours ago Like

Triolet I'm not sure it relates so much to all the nuclear weapons, it seems more like they are trying to get over their conflicting interests. I mean, it could partly stem from lingering hostilities from back during the Cold War, but the U.S. often provokes a lot of conflicts overall, so to look at it as just either side trying to start a fight seems silly. I agree that they'll probably find a peaceful solution to all this, though. Countries seem to be learning to handle their differences with less and less violence.14 hours ago Like

Arnold I still think they have deep issues that they need to address, likely the product of government officials having too much power. Allowing people to have as much power as the possession of nuclear arms gives them makes them sick, they seem to think they can use the power any way they want, even to solve any minor dispute. However, I agree, hopefully it will not lead to war.13 hours ago Like

Miss Brill Agreed! I've seen too much destruction in my life, seeing less and less is a relief! Maybe one day war will just be a thing of the past! From my experience, I wouldn't say it's something we should realistically hope for, but if we don't have hope, what do we have?12 hours ago Like

Robert I love the idea of peace and different cultures and peoples getting along, but it definitely does seems a bit unrealistic right now. Diversity is wonderful, but the world still has quite a ways to go before it's more than just a hopeful dream. Here's to change, though!11 hours ago Like

Emily Speaking of change, maybe soon the working class will get their dues. Once they stop getting exploited, the world will surely be a better place, I mean, think about it! If they're finally treated fairly, we'll be less likely to go to war.10 hours ago Like

Arnold Hate to be a party-pooper, but with how massive their egos are? None of this is really likely unless we get a massive change in government. Probably not just us, either. A change in government isn't likely either, massive egos plus other people with massive egos in charge of a country mean that they'll probably all help each other stay in power. Sorry.9 hours ago Like

Mr. Lengel Who can say at this point? Maybe we'll just have to wait and see how it goes. Best to not jump to conclusions prematurely. It's not certain that this issue has roots in past conflicts, we should just analyze it as the independent event it is for now.8 hours ago Like

Montresor Actually, Mr. Lengel, since the Cold War, which really had no resolution, mind you, tensions have been perpetually high between the United States and Russia! It has actually caused a lot more issues than you may realize! Saying that this is completely independent of that is ridiculous! 7 hours ago Like

Mr. Lengel So, Montresor, you think that just because the U.S. and Russia had a little dispute decades ago, they still can't get over it and it's fueling animosity to this day? People in both governments have changed, and their ideals have shifted as well. The world is a different place than it was back then, and you still think that this must be connected? And you think I'm being ridiculous? 6 hours ago Like

Louise Really, do things ever change? Just look at the progress of equal rights movements for women! It's a great example, sure there's been progress, but just like between the U.S. and Russia, it's very much the same old story. 5 hours ago Like

Connie Hey, at least that's better than the situation with the LGBTQ community. There's been forward progress, then regression, and then very slow forward progress! At least with women's rights it's been a steady forward progress! 4 hours ago Like

Miss Brill You shouldn't blame others because change is a slow process! I've seen how slow change can be. Just be happy that things are actually changing, and do what you can to promote that change. 3 hours ago Like

Emily I agree with Louise, things don't really seem to change! Has the working class gotten to overpower their oppressors yet? No, we need to be the change! Nothing will get done if we sit by and do nothing, it'll only get worse! 2 hours ago Like

Montresor Attitudes like this may be why there is so much conflict in the modern world. Humans have never been perfect, but it certainly seems to be getting progressively worse. Not sure if I should be surprised. 2 hours ago Like

Robert Well, with diversity there's bound to be conflict. You have to take the good with the bad, you can't expect to just have the good. They go hand in hand, and we need to learn to live with that and find peace with it. 2 hours ago Like

Triolet That's exactly what I've been trying to say! You all make it sound like it's purely awful, but it's a great example of how different people of different views act toward each other, and it's a great example of what we on a smaller scale should try to not do! It's even happening in this discussion. Still interesting, though. Different values and different opinions coming together is always interesting. 2 hours ago Like

Arnold Makes it sound like you find war interesting. In some ways war is cultures coming together, wouldn't you agree? Though usually one culture dominates the other, can't have oppressors or different viewpoints, right? Almost sounds like you view war as some sort of game. 2 hours ago Like

Mr. Lengel What about you? It certainly doesn't seem like you disagree with that, Arnold. What's with people these days? You make it sound like war isn't even of major significance! If this does lead to war, maybe you'll be drafted and learn what a big deal war really is. 2 hours ago Like

Miss Brill Can we get back on topic? I don't think this is going to lead to a war, and we really shouldn't be hoping for one, it's sick. From what I've seen, peace is an easier and more beneficial option for all sides. Destruction and death are not things to be joked about or taken lightly. 2 hours ago Like

Montresor True as that may be war still has its benefits, too. If there weren't upsides for someone in war, there wouldn't be any. War is very good for economies, and it allows the release of building tension. Without war, especially around the time of the first World Wars, tensions would continue to build, and those who want to show off their new weapons would just keep searching for any excuse. War is not something that should be sought out, but sometimes it's in some ways necessary, this is one of the many things history teaches us. 2 hours ago Like

Louise I think Montresor has a point, I mean, war was pretty good for the feminist movement. It showed a lot of women that they can do more than do housework and raise children, it showed them that they can be more than subservient. It seemed to give a lot of women hope because they could work in the factories and actually do something to help. 2 hours ago Like

Emily I suppose war can also be good for the working class. It really shows those capitalists how important the working class is, if nothing else. War may not be good for much, but apparently is can be good for some things. 2 hours ago Like

Connie Know who war hasn't been good for historically? The LGBTQ community. Oftentimes not only were they mocked and used for jokes in popular media, but frequently they wouldn't be allowed to serve in the military. 2 hours ago Like

Arnold Do you have to make everything about yourself? A lot of you preach about diversity and equal opportunity, but you only care about the interests of your own group, not the good of the world as a whole. You bunch seem to have egos the size of some of those government officials. 2 hours ago Like

Robert Just because some of us are standing up for things we believe in doesn't mean that we want better things for only the group we're advocating for! Some groups have more disadvantages than others, and it's up to the individual to decide which group they want to support, it's kind of impossible to just support a general idea, it means that nothing gets done! 2 hours ago Like

Louise It also doesn't mean any of us are necessarily wrong in what we're saying, it just means we have different focuses. I relate more to the cause of feminists, so it's the group I'm advocating for, it doesn't mean the struggle of others is any less real or valid! 2 hours ago Like

Mr. Lengel Wait, Connie, you're saying that it's a bad thing they weren't allowed in the military? Do you wish they had to go off and die? That seems a bit contradictory. 2 hours ago Like

Connie That's not what I'm saying! It's all about equal opportunity, they should have the option and opportunity to defend their country if they choose to! Just like Robert was saying, good and bad have to be taken together, you can't expect one without the other. 2 hours ago Like

Robert Exactly! Supporting a group shouldn't mean you want only the good or only the bad, but equality. That's been the focus of movements for decades, equality, not privilege. The two are vastly different, and the goal of equality is much more reasonable and deserving of respect. In such a diverse world, it makes no sense that some groups would still be seen as lesser than others. 2 hours ago Like

Triolet That's true! It's also really interesting to observe these struggles in different nations and cultures and see how they differ. The cultural backgrounds and histories significantly impact these movements for equality, and it's really fascinating! 2 hours ago Like

Montresor It's cool for sure, but let's also consider that it may be part of where the global conflicts are coming from lately. One thing to consider is that maybe since some countries drag others into their internal affairs, or other countries insist on getting involved, that's what spawns a lot of these conflicts. 2 hours ago Like

Triolet That seems about right! Countries and opposing cultures coming together, both think they're doing good because of their different cultural backgrounds, and conflict arises from it. Certainly seems like what's happening between the United States and Russia lately, huh? 2 hours ago Like

Mr. Lengel You all seem to be forgetting that this all isn't necessarily connected. Just because two things happen doesn't mean they're connected. Some of you seem like conspiracy theorists with how many connections you're forcing. It's not ridiculous to look at an event as independent. 2 hours ago Like

Montresor It just seems way too simplistic to try to argue that this isn't connected to anything, when obviously it has roots in not only their cultures but also, and arguably primarily, in the history of both countries and their history of conflict. To say that these things have no bearing on the conflict is, despite what you say, ridiculous. 2 hours ago Like

Miss Brill From my experience, I would have to agree with Montresor. If you think about it on a smaller scale, it seems ridiculous to argue that a person's past has no bearing on their current state of mind and actions. Even those who claim to not hold grudges or hold onto their past, it's inevitable that people will be influenced and impacted by things that have happened to them. 2 hours ago Like

Mr. Lengel I'm not saying that's not true, I'm just trying to point out that it's possible what's happening now isn't because of or related to the Cold War. It probably still would be going on even if the Cold War hadn't happened, or even if it had a different outcome. 2 hours ago Like

Montresor That's exactly it, though! The entire world and international dynamics and relations would be entirely different if the Cold War had gone differently! Consider, for example, if it had erupted into a massive conflict with each country bombing the daylights out the other. Or what if they had instead decided to end the tension and sign a treaty and try to pursue peaceful relations? It would have caused rippling effects! 2 hours ago Like

Triolet If something like that had happened, their cultures would have evolved much differently from that point forward! If they had become allies, certain cultural customs or traits would have bled across the barriers of distance and shown influence in each country. If the conflict had erupted into a horrific war, the textbooks and citizens would harbor much stronger grudges and show a much deeper, more profound hatred! 2 hours ago Like

Mr. Lengel That's all well and good, but it's merely speculation! We have no way of knowing whether you're right or not. Speculation doesn't take into account countless variables. If we just stick to what we know for sure, there's no room for such drastic error. 2 hours ago Like

Triolet Yes, but if you only stick to that, you're missing a much deeper meaning behind the conflict. The two cultures, so different, constantly at odds with one another. It's foreboding! The Cold War may not have caused destruction and mayhem, but who's to say we'll be so lucky in the future? With this conflict, tensions are again building! 2 hours ago Like

Arnold I agree that there is a larger meaning behind the conflict, but I would also like to point out that there is a larger meaning behind every conflict. Many times it's someone in power wanting to reassure themselves or others that they have power and control. That, or they want to prove that they have more power than someone else, when in reality they're just proving how petty and easily frightened they are. 2 hours ago Like

Triolet It would also seem reasonable to figure that these deeper meanings and possibly subconscious reasons could be linked to the culture of the country they're leading into danger. Like in regards to gender roles, males are expected to be strong and powerful, so a male government official may feel a deeply seeded need to prove that he lives up to those expectations. 2 hours ago Like

Connie Yeah! Those types of societal expectations are especially troublesome for LGBTQ individuals, since they have to figure out who they are in the context of such expectations, and often find that they don't fall in line with what's expected of them because of who they really are. They aren't exactly who society wants them to be in terms of gender and sexuality, and that too can cause lots of issues. It can be really scarring. 2 hours ago Like

Miss Brill Connie, that is true for everyone, it's tough to find out who you are with so many societal expectations. I know from experience. There's a lot of pressure on girls and women to get married and have kids, but everyone has to understand who they are and not blindly follow societal expectations. 2 hours ago Like

Louise That is a big problem, Miss Brill, and it has been for a long time. It's among the many reasons a lot of women see the reasonable need for feminism. Especially in the modern world, it's becoming more and more common for women to not seek out marriage and childbearing, or at least wait until they're older. With the development of the world, things are changing, and societal expectations don't seem to be keeping up with that change. 2 hours ago Like

Emily There are plenty of problems in the modern world if we want to get into that. One, for instance, is the repeated exploitation of the working class, though none of you seem to care about that. Funny how that works, isn't it? Maybe you all support those capitalist pigs? 2 hours ago Like

Triolet See? Another instance of culture and cultural background influencing a person's views and perceptions! So many people even in a single country have so much diversity, imagine how much there must be in the entire world! 2 hours ago Like

Arnold I think it's these types of paranoid behaviors, blaming others because they don't immediately agree with your views, that lead to a lot of disputes in the world. Not trying to be mean, Emily, but it's hard to not point out. Just means you could probably do well in a government position, most of them seem to have a similar mindset that if people don't agree with you instantaneously they must be out to get you. 2 hours ago Like

Robert Emily, we're all about diversity and expressing your opinions, but you may not be going about it in exactly the right way. There's no hope for convincing people of your views if you're not polite about it. Diversity is great, but there's no hope for it if you scare people away with name calling. 2 hours ago Like

Louise He's right, we all need to stick together and not only support our own causes, but those of others, too. Especially gaining ground backing feminism could help your voice be heard about the working class issues. Think about it, maybe give it a shot! 2 hours ago Like

Emily You all just want to recruit me to your own causes, not support mine! I wouldn't be surprised if you were all secretly capitalists. Why should I help you when you're only concerned with your own interests? You're just trying to exploit me. I should have known. 2 hours ago Like

Triolet The way you're going at it is pretty much like that U.S./Russia conflict we were talking about. What happened to talking about that? How'd we get so sidetracked again? I mean, it does serve as a good comparison, since we all come from different backgrounds, and we've ended up disagreeing multiple times already. Pretty interesting when you think about it. Not entirely surprising, either, that small scale events would mimic large scale events. 2 hours ago Like

Miss Brill From my experience, that seems to happen a lot. It's especially interesting when you realize you're a part of it in your day to day life. It does make sense, though, as you were saying. It's pretty much the same situation, just on a different scale. 2 hours ago Like

Arnold Might have something to do with a subconscious habit of mimicing what we see. Children do it all the time, with what they see on television, what they see their parents doing. It almost sems unavoidable since we're doing it from such a young age. Whatever the reason may be, perhaps we should just accept it and attempt to pay close attention so we can catch ourselves when we do it accidentally. 2 hours ago Like

Louise I think a lot more than just that is rooted deeply into our subconscious by society from a young age. Even gender roles, pink being for girls, blue being for boys, the expectation that boys be strong and girls allow themselves to be protected. These things are just as ridiculous, if not more so, than the habit of mimicing what we see. At least the mimicry has a purpose. 2 hours ago Like

Arnold Even that can reflect a societal need and craving for a sense of control over the population. In some ways it's somewhat pitiful, but it really shows in some of the ridiculous standards they put in place. It's all for a semblence of control. 2 hours ago Like

Robert It destroys hope for diversity, really. If they expect everyone to be the same and shun those who aren't, they're casting out the very thing the U.S. especially says it promotes. Sad to see so many contradictions. 2 hours ago Like

Arnold That can also be attributed to a lust for control. If everyone is the same, especially with how schools encourage kids to think the same, they are much easier to control. That's why the system doesn't change, the officials like control, they like people they can manipulate easily. 2 hours ago Like

Emily Then they ship them out to become part of the working class and feed the capitalist system. Wow. It's insane that no one does anything about this. Then again, they really can't, can they? 2 hours ago Like

Robert Realistically, no. But that's why people have to fight back through movements encouraging diversity. The more it's pushed and the more people that fight for it and believe in it, the closer we get to change. If enough people support it and speak for it long enough, eventually the need for change will be realized. 2 hours ago Like

Miss Brill He's right, I've seen what such dedication can do. So many movements gained so much ground through sheer determination. It's amazing. The power of protests and pickets and rallies may seem inconsequential, but it adds up. 2 hours ago Like

Montresor Not to mention that in this day and age it's easier than ever. News like that of the conflict, on the internet, and here we are, discussing it without having to be face to face. It can be a great way to express opinions and help make a change. 2 hours ago Like

Mr. Lengel It's certainly indesputable, there's power in numbers. That could very well be what it comes down to with the U.S. and Russia. Who has greater numbers, whether it be people, nuclear arms, or anything else. Last time the numbers seemed to be matched pretty evenly, maybe this time will be the same. 2 hours ago Like

Robert It really is difficult for either nation to focus on their internal issues with so much going on externally. No real progress will be made for anyone until we learn to stop fighting and deal with the fact that diversity is a reality. It doesn't need to be a grim one. 2 hours ago Like

Montresor Well, the number of wars seem to have been increasing in the past decade or so, which means it's a hopeful thought. That's not really a bad thing, though. Hope gives us something to strive for. 2 hours ago Like

Robert We can certainly hope for a more peaceful, diversified future. If we treasure those things, and teach others to treasure them too, maybe one day it will become a reality. For now, I guess it is true that hope is all we really have, but it can be a strong driving force, so it's okay. 2 hours ago Like

Miss Brill The wait will be worth it, I'm sure, it often is. Striving toward betterment is seldom easy at all, but is often worth it, even if we don't directly get to see what our contributions add up to. It's worth it to do this for not ourselves, but the future generations. 2 hours ago Like

Louise I agree. It'll be worth it for the women who have equal rights and opportunity, and know that that's what feminism means and stands for, not privilege. It's a nice thought, anyway. 2 hours ago Like

Emily It's also nice to think that one day the working class won't be held down by the capitalists. If nothing else, it seems that this conflict between the U.S. and Russia has allowed a lot of us to come to some interesting conclusions. 2 hours ago Like

Mr. Lengel That really does seem to be the case. We may not know exact causes, or which issues truly arose from where for certain, but that's alright. It's enough to think about it and consider the possibilities. 2 hours ago Like

Montresor That's a lot of this sort of change the world has been seeing lately. From countries desiring new forms of government to people simply coming to new realizations about themselves, others, and the world. What a time to be alive!2 hours ago Like

Miss Brill I anticipate there will be much more change yet to come, even in our lifetimes. Even if we do not see the outcome of certain wars or the outcome of some of our contributions, we will see change before our time on this planet is done, that I know. Maybe we'll even see a dramatic change in relations between the United States and Russia. It's tough to say, but it'll be fun to see. 2 hours ago Like

Emily I hope that one of the changes I am able to witness is the working class getting a fair shot. It may not be entirely realistic, but it's a hope, something to get me out of bed in the mornings. 2 hours ago Like

Louise You and I have similar hopes. I hope to see women achieve true equality. Like your hope, it is not entirely realistic, but hope is what it is for a reason. Perhaps we'll be lucky and see the day. 2 hours ago Like

Emily Until then, all we can do is our part to make a difference. Cheers to the working class and change! Cheers to a prosperous future full of diversity! 2 hours ago Like

Louise You're right, once again. May we see the day our labors bear fruit, but encourage a positive change until then! Cheers! 2 hours ago Like

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