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Triolet Wow! Has anyone else heard about what's going on between the U.S. and Russia lately??? Seems like history might be repeating itself! So interesting to see such different cultures at odds with one another again!24 hours ago via BlackberryCommentLike


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Emily Well, one thing is for sure, if there's a war it'll be the working class sent off to fight, not the people actually starting the war. Lame! 22 hours ago Like

Arnold If our government leaders could solve their deeply rooted fear of difference and desire to prove something to the world, there might actually be progress. Until then, guess we have to deal with their petty disputes. 21 hours ago Like

Mr. Lengel Who says the government is the issue here? All we know for sure is that there's a dispute going on, and they're trying to solve it peacefully. Stop blaming them for what hasn't happened! 20 hours ago Like

Triolet Can't we just appreciate how strongly this emphasizes how different cultures interact and the two dramatically different views on the world? It's interesting, I wasn't trying to start World War III here...19 hours ago Like

Miss Brill Well, why wouldn't this lead to war? It nearly did in the past, and from my experience, when two forces disagree, they like to resort to hate and violence. I can't help but fear the worst, especially with governments wanting to show off their nuclear weapons. It's ridiculous! 18 hours ago Like

Louise I couldn't agree more, Miss Brill! See, this is part of the reason the world needs more women in higher ranking government positions! For too long it's been mostly men. Understanding different perspectives would help solve so many problems! That's why we need diversity in the world! 17 hours ago Like

Robert Don't forget that there's more to diversity than just balance between men and women! Especially the United States is a very diverse place, and all that diversity should be represented in our government! 16 hours ago Like

Connie Diversity includes everyone! A lot of groups are getting more representation everywhere, but a lot of times the LGBTQ community gets neglected! Let's not forget about that! 13 hours ago Like

Montresor I can't help feeling like this really relates to the bigger picture of things going on in the world the past few years. If you look at how so many countries have been hoarding weapons of mass destruction it seems that they'll find any excuse to threaten to use them. If the past is any indicator, they'll find a diplomatic solution to the situation in Syria. Somehow they usually seem to.12 hours ago Like

Triolet I'm not sure it relates so much to all the nuclear weapons, it seems more like they are trying to get over their conflicting interests. I mean, it could partly stem from lingering hostilities from back during the Cold War, but the U.S. often provokes a lot of conflicts overall, so to look at it as just either side trying to start a fight seems silly. I agree that they'll probably find a peaceful solution to all this, though. Countries seem to be learning to handle their differences with less and less violence. 11 hours ago Like

Arnold I still think they have deep issues that they need to address, likely the product of government officials having too much power. Allowing people to have as much power as the possession of nuclear arms gives them makes them sick, they seem to think they can use the power any way they want, even to solve any minor dispute. However, I agree, hopefully it will not lead to war. 10 hours ago Like

Miss Brill Agreed! I've seen too much destruction in my life, seeing less and less is a relief! 9 hours ago Like

Robert I love the idea of peace and different cultures and peoples getting along, but it seems a bit unrealistic right now. Diversity is wonderful, but the world still has quite a ways to go before it's more than just a hopeful dream. Here's to change, though! 8 hours ago Like

Emily Speaking of change, maybe soon the working class will get their dues. Once they stop getting exploited, the world will surely be a better place, I mean, think about it! If they're finally treated fairly, we'll be less likely to go to war. 7 hours ago Like

Arnold Hate to be a party-pooper, but with how massive their egos are? None of this is really likely unless we get a massive change in government. Probably not just us, either. A change in government isn't likely either, massive egos plus other people with massive egos in charge of a country mean that they'll probably all help each other stay in power. Sorry. 6 hours ago Like

Mr. Lengel Who can say at this point? Maybe we'll just have to wait and see how it goes. Best to not jump to conclusions prematurely. It's not certain that this issue has roots in past conflicts, we should just analyze it as the independent event it is for now. 5 hours ago Like

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