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Jig How do you guys feel about the election?24 hours ago via MobileCommentLike


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Miss Brill I think its very interesting, Ive lived in Paris, and the US and Europe are different with political views. I am a senior citizens and there are so many new issues in today, my views are very different than others.22 hours ago Like

Vic I think Trump will be a better president. Hilary has to many scandals and he is more focused on other important issue. I think we also need to focus on Isis and destroying them.20 hours ago Like

Enn Vic, dude we can't even vote yet! HA but I do agree, I kinda dont like either... Thinking the US needs to go with a third party.. 19 hours ago Like

American Jig, why do you want to talk about this? And with our personal experience I know you dont agree with me on such issues such as abortion, I think Hilary would be better she doesnt want to involved with people personal lives.18 hours ago Like

Jig To America, Well i dont agree, abortion is killing a living human being. And that to me is murder. No matter how far along the child is.17 hours ago Like

Anton I like how Donald want to protect our country. I think we shouldn't have Hilary she should be in prison. HILARY FOR PRISON!!16 hours ago Like

Gustav Anton, I dont understand you sometimes! Hilary is so pro woman? And this is important because so long ago woman didn't even have rights!15 hours ago Like

Miss Brill My oh my, so many topics I am not even aware of! What exactly is abortion?14 hours ago Like

Jig Miss Brill, abortion is pretty much a murder, if you're pregnant you can go and get the pregnancy terminated. And this is not against the law! 13 hours ago Like

Miss Brill Wow, really. I can understand how if some woman aren't ready to take on motherhood. But isn't there a way to give there egg/ baby to someone who is wanting to start a family. 12 hours ago Like

American Ladies, wait. Some people who have hard lives and can't have or afford to even have a child. And some have lives that it would be bad to bring a child into this world. I think abortion is good for certain cases. But should it be against the law, no i don't think so. 11 hours ago Like

Anton http://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2015/09/29/hillary_clinton_i_could_compromise_on_abortion_if_it_included_exceptions_for_mothers_health.html 10 hours ago Like

Anton May I add this to the convo? 9 hours ago Like

Gustav http://www.cnn.com/videos/politics/2016/03/30/donald-trump-on-abortion-origwx-bw.cnn I like his view on this, i like how he changes his views with rape and other such examples. 8 hours ago Like

Jig Like how he wants to ban it. 7 hours ago Like

Vic Donald trumps wants woman to have a punishment for an abortion! 6 hours ago Like

Enn Yeah... I can understand that though because its murder Vic.. 5 hours ago Like

Vic Enn, what if a woman gets raped and gets pregnant does she want to raise a child that she was raped from! I dont think so, and shoe could go to jail just because of that, thats stupid! 4 hours ago Like

Enn But she doesnt have to raise the child, she can give it up for adoption let some one else get the chance to raise a family if they cant have children.3 hours ago Like

American I would say Trump and Clinton somewhat have the same view on abortion.2 hours ago Like

Anton What do you guys think about Trump saying Mexico will pay for the wall?2 hours ago Like

Gustav Hmm I dont Mexico would...2 hours ago Like

American Okay, America is already is so much debt, we wouldn't be to afford it. I can see how he would want Mexico to pay for it. But Mexico probably wants to come into the US so i dont think they would.2 hours ago Like

Jig Yeah we still have the issue of Immigrants, but police and other things already kick them out, like when sign up for jobs or get arrested they get kicked out. So I do believe that immigration is an issue, but not such an issue as Isis. 2 hours ago Like

Miss Brill Isis is I think key to fix, the amount of people Isis has killed is over bearing to think about. It has hit close to home for me. I taught students who died in the shootings, and know of peoples who's families have died.2 hours ago Like

Vic Sorry to hear that Miss Brill. Me and Enn are from South of London, and feels like we are next and you never know when theyre going to hit. They have undercover people who are willing to get killed so they can take over.2 hours ago Like

Enn As Vic say sorry to hear that Miss Brill. I understand how muslims are saying they're not being treated right even though they identify themselves as America. They think people are after them or undercover for Isis because of their nationality.2 hours ago Like

Jig Immigration, i agree isn't a huge issue as other things are2 hours ago Like

Gustav How do you guys think about Hillarys secret emails?2 hours ago Like

Anton HILLARY FOR PRISON2 hours ago Like

Vic mhm, not sure i totally agree..2 hours ago Like

American In what way Vic, she lied about having those emails on TV, but we caught her in it! You really want her for president! 2 hours ago Like

Jig Agree with you American, and on the other hand HER HUSBAND WAS CHEATING ON HER WHLE HE WAS IN OFFICE, AND SHE IS PRO WOMAN( HE ALSO RAPED WOMAN TO). 2 hours ago Like

Vic Guys, but she wants everyone to be equal2 hours ago Like


Jig Sorry Vic, but even trump has 'blacks' and 'gays' and different races voting for him. People are trying to say that woman are against Trump and i think thats a lie to coming from Hillary.2 hours ago Like

Vic Yet hasn't trump raped woman?2 hours ago Like

Miss Brill No, I think that charge was dropped. Hillary finds these women and pays them off to say these lies so she can win the election.2 hours ago Like

Gustav Even if Hillary won, I think since they re opened this investigation with the emails she cannot be president. So then would Trump automatically win?2 hours ago Like

Enn yeah guess he would be. I also know of many people who are in there late 40's and say theyre not voting for trump when they get asked, or over the phone for a quiz, yet when they actually vote they vote for Trump.2 hours ago Like

Jig I agree with that Enn2 hours ago Like

American I agree also2 hours ago Like

Miss Brill What about those debates, those were intense2 hours ago Like

JIg I dont think Trump ever fully answered the questions! Thought it was funny how he constantly interrupted her though!!!2 hours ago Like

Vic Well, since im voting for Hillary i thought her answer were good, but the questions werent very good.2 hours ago Like

Gustav The fly was funny, ahah how a fly landed on her face and she didnt even notice!!!!2 hours ago Like

Anton He interrupted her, and he kept brining up her emails, and her illness.2 hours ago Like

American She gets to caught up in being the first woman trying to be the president.2 hours ago Like

American Not trying to say woman can't, but its a fact that men are meant to do other things and men are better at bigger roles.2 hours ago Like

Vic Sexist much American?2 hours ago Like

American I believe men are better at running bigger roles, didnt say woman can't. But also Hillary had that weird illness, nobody wants a ill president!2 hours ago Like

Vic I think we just need to pray for America after the 8th.2 hours ago Like

American Ditto 2 hours ago Like

American Last thing I want to say about Hillary, she kept saying on debates how people should go check her Hillary fact checker, LOL her facts her wrong.2 hours ago Like

Miss Brill Well that was a heated debate, I dont like how either candidates are pro same sex marriage.2 hours ago Like

Miss Brill I may be old, but in the dictionary marriage is defined as A MAN AND A WOMAN UNITE. NOT MAN AND MAN AND WOMAN AND WOMAN. I dont care if same sex's are together but I dont think they should be able to get married.2 hours ago Like

Anton I agree, but times have changed, and people change, communities change. People will do whatever they want.2 hours ago Like

Miss brill Yeah, there is nothing I can do about it I guess.2 hours ago Like

Gustav Guys I think there are bigger issue than this.2 hours ago Like

Enn I wouldnt say its not important, when people are filling out job application and it asks if your straight/gay/bi, some may or may not get a job if a person is gay. Would not say that this issue isnt important.2 hours ago Like

Gustav Mhm, never thought of that.2 hours ago Like

Miss Brill I dont understand either, is marijuana such a big deal, do people really smoke this a lot?2 hours ago Like

Vic Yeah I think this is a gateway drug, because once people get a hold of this they want something stronger and it leads them to other illegal drugs.2 hours ago Like

Enn why does it matter what other people smoke, doesnt creating a drug and other things give people jobs?2 hours ago Like

Anton Yeah it may give people jobs, but if marijuana leads people to other hardcore drugs, then this may even rise the percentage rates of death.2 hours ago Like

Enn I feel like that doesnt happen very often..2 hours ago Like

Gustav well, I think in cities it does. More poverty and its easier for people to get it.2 hours ago Like

Gustav People dont like being poor, and I think having a 'hit' of something to take the edge off helps them.2 hours ago Like

Anton Yeah, I think we need to have more control of drug possession, especially in jails. People can make drugs very easily in there.2 hours ago Like

Enn Well jail is a different issue, people die in jails and seems like people will do the same thing in there than outside of jail.2 hours ago Like

Anton yeah, so maybe we can just take away all drugs, but companies make so much money from that so.2 hours ago Like

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