Week 4 Conversation

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Hawks Pop Quiz Dingleberries!!! How do you go from No 1 to No 4 in less than 24 hours?24 hours ago via BlackberryCommentLike


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Sithdragons Ok I'll bite....how do you do that?23 hours ago Like

Hawks By playing like No 2 if you get my drift, eh Buttfumble? LOL22 hours ago Like

Buttfumble I WILL SLICE YOU OPEN LIKE A TAUNTAUN, HAWKS!!!!20 hours ago Like

Hawks Funny you should mention Star Wars since there was clearly a great disturbance in your loss column19 hours ago Like

The Blind Squirrels Fumble...how in the HELL did you lose to a team that had to start a Cleveland Browns player?????17 hours ago Like

Duke Johnson Hey ass...I can see what you're typing16 hours ago Like

The Blind Squirrels Well at least your eyes are working better than the officials that worked your game15 hours ago Like

The Blind Squirrels Seriously though...I could have sworn that starting a Browns as A) prohibited by Pee Wee by laws and B) grounds for automatic loss14 hours ago Like

Midget Daddy That rule is currently stuck in committee (damn red tape) but only a powerful counter derp could possibly offset a Browns player13 hours ago Like

Momma B Well Buttfumble did start two players from Detroit12 hours ago Like

A Bunch of Monkeys Yup, that will do it11 hours ago Like

Detroit Lions WE WILL CRUSH YOU UNDER OUR BOOT, MONKEY!!!!10 hours ago Like

Detroit Lions As soon as we can afford gas money to track you down....6 hours ago Like

Detroit Lions And probably after we get clean drinking water to the rest of the state 5 hours ago Like

A Bunch of Monkeys Yeah....my fur is shaking in terror 4 hours ago Like

Midget Daddy What fur? You don't exactly have much left after I got scalping you like Custer at Little Big Horn LOL3 hours ago Like

Monkeys Why don't you go run an offtackle route right into a buzzsaw, Midget2 hours ago Like

Midget Daddy Monkey is a pity we can't find someway of converting your team's suckage into electricity 2 hours ago Like

Sithdragons It would be the ultimate in renewable energy!!!2 hours ago Like

Monkeys Screw you and your favorite color!!!!2 hours ago Like

Monkeys And speaking of suckage....WTF HOPKINS???? 2 hours ago Like

Monkeys FOUR YARDS??? You only got FOUR YARDS against the Titans??? Explain yourself2 hours ago Like

DeAndre Hopkins Brock Osweiler is my QB2 hours ago Like

Monkeys .....2 hours ago Like

Monkeys Ok....I'll accept that2 hours ago Like

The Blind Squirrels Speaking of accepting...lets see how TyTas is accepting his epic beatdown at the hands of yours truly2 hours ago Like


Momma B I see he's taking this well2 hours ago Like

TyTas This is BS!!! Julio Jones went for 300 freaking yards on my ass. How many goddamn Panthers does it take to stop that guy???2 hours ago Like

The Blind Squirrels More than 11 apparently 2 hours ago Like


Momma B Well that was fun but lets not overlook the fact that I got a big win this weekend!2 hours ago Like

Midget Daddy Half a win....it was against Ambulance Chasers so lets not get carried away2 hours ago Like

Sithdragons Reminds me a question my sensei once asked me to mediate on2 hours ago Like

Sithdragons Can a win over a 1 and 3 bucket of scrubs really be considered a victory...and should one brag about it?2 hours ago Like

Dallas Cowboys Fans Of course you can brag...SUCK IT 49ERS!!!2 hours ago Like

Momma B I'm not sure if I just got complimented or insulted 2 hours ago Like

Ambulance Chasers I just got compared to the 49ers....I KNOW I got insulted2 hours ago Like

Momma B Its always nice to break a losing streak by smashing a quality opponent in the face....but since I wasn't scheduled to play one last week I guess you'll have to do Chasers2 hours ago Like

Momma B Also, AUTODRAFT THIS!!!2 hours ago Like

Ambulance Chasers You misspelled I finally managed to win a game2 hours ago Like

Hawks LOL2 hours ago Like

Momma B Whatever...this Momma Bear has officially come out of hibernation is ready to kick some ass2 hours ago Like

Sithdragons Speaking of long slumbers...my apologies to you Alphaforce. That was a great contest and its a pity that anybody had to lose 2 hours ago Like

Alphaforce No Sithdragons...its a pity that I had to lose that match. I would have been just fine with you taking a loss there2 hours ago Like

Sithdragons Hang in there Alphaforce...no losing streak lasts forever2 hours ago Like

Hawks Or winning streak for that matter2 hours ago Like

Buttfumble URGE TO KILL...RISING2 hours ago Like

Tauntaun Uh oh....2 hours ago Like

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