Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun

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Adolf Hitler Eva, stop putting on your status the sentence I Shag the Fuehrer. No one is supposed to know about us!24 hours ago via MobileCommentLike


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Eva Braun But I do shag you, darling!23 hours ago Like

Heinz Linge I can testify to that.22 hours ago Like

Adolf Hitler Linge, what are you talking about? I demand an answer this minute! That's an order!21 hours ago Like

Magda Goebbels Linge, I want to know too. Just between you and me, just how big is the F├╝hrer? It'll be our little secret.20 hours ago Like

Eva Braun It's quite big enough, Madga. Believe me, it's BIG enough.19 hours ago Like

Adolf Hitler Eva, I forbid you to have this conversation with Frau Goebbels.18 hours ago Like

Baldur von Schirach Eva darling, I would also like to know its dimensions.17 hours ago Like

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