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Harry Potter I can't believe Hermione's in a relationship with a foul loathsome evil little cockroach!!!24 hours ago via BlackberryCommentLike


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Hermione Granger I love him alright? You can't do anything!!22 hours ago Like

Harry Potter Oh yes I can. You see.... I heard that Draco's a death eater21 hours ago Like

Hermione Granger What?!!!!20 hours ago Like

Hermione Granger Why didn't you tell me, Draco Malfoy?!!!19 hours ago Like

Draco Malfoy Sorry...15 hours ago Like

Hermione Granger Ugh! We're so breaking up!14 hours ago Like

Draco Malfoy Hermione please..13 hours ago Like

Hermione Granger Please yourself you evil little cockroach! Besides, I'm getting back with Ron!12 hours ago Like

Draco Malfoy NOOOOOO!!!!11 hours ago Like

Ron Weasley Hahaha! In your face, Malfoy!10 hours ago Like

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