Beethoven Critics

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Helga Amstutz So how has your new job been?24 hours ago via TwitterCommentLike


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Arabella Klor Just as bad as you said it was going to be. I don't know if being gainfully employed is worth it! How can one man be so sour?!?!21 hours ago Like

Helga Amstutz He moved in just six months ago and he has already alienated everyone in the building! That and his constant pounding away at his pianoforte is awful. So much noise at all hours of the day and night.20 hours ago Like

Arabella Klor I have worked for numerous musicians in my day but this one takes the cake. He never wants to be bothered when he is working, but then he will scream for something and then act as though I should be outside of his door ready for his beck and call!19 hours ago Like

Helga Amstutz Have you found out what the constant banging is?18 hours ago Like

Arabella Klor Oh yes! He has the legs sawed off of his piano. It is against the ground and he lays there in front of it just hitting the keys. He sometimes hits them with such force that I think he might either break his fingers or they might go right through!17 hours ago Like

Helga Amstutz Well best of luck in your endeavors, and just remember that I am just next door if you can get away. 16 hours ago Like

Helga Amstutz Alright, that sounds wonderful. I am sure I can sneak out a bottle of wine. I have cleaned up so many bottles laying around that he must have a large stash somewhere! LOL! One day all of his drinking may just well be the death of him. All I have to say is that having housekeeper to Ludwig van Beethoven better look wonderful on my resume!!!15 hours ago Like

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