Ben Ka Birthday part 2

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Hina Bahu Asanskari Bahu Tutorials for Dummies 24 hours ago via TweetDeckCommentLike


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Simmy CHOTI Bahu To Be Can you be Like Choti Bahu from this tutorial?23 hours ago Like

Munni Kekta Bahu Whatever Nothing can beat my Girl ka Bahus.. 22 hours ago Like

Poo Bhabo ka Beedni I am still No 1 Beedni ben but yeah learning some Asanskari Skills won't HURT my Bhabo ka pride...21 hours ago Like

Hina Bahu Poo, Munni and Simmy.. All you have to do is follow my path same to same .. Becoz to be Asanskari is our only Aim.. 19 hours ago Like

Hina Bahu Rule No 1 NO Shirt equals to eyes on Full ALERT 18 hours ago Like

Simmy CHOTI Bahu To Be But Ben what about my Choti Bahu DREAMS17 hours ago Like

Hina Bahu Simmy Beta.. Mere Gyaan Dhyaan se Lo.. Choti Bahu is HISTORY, Asanskari Bahu will be the Next Victory..16 hours ago Like

Poo Bhabo ka Beedni One kostin Ben Guru.. I read about your tips on diffusing Hot Bomb too.. I don't think its necessary,, That one is an east task..15 hours ago Like

Hina Bahu Hey Deva.. Woh Bomb is diffirent and the Bomb I m talking is diffirent.. Ever heard of Gaurav Khanna or Ruslaan Mumtaaz.. Haan those two are Hwatt .. 14 hours ago Like

Munni Kekta Bahu Yehh I get it Just Like Anurag nahh from KZK.. SIGH.. 13 hours ago Like

Hina Bahu FacePalm.. This Kekta Bahu will never change.. Bas wohi KZK and what not.. 12 hours ago Like

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