Jc caylen asked me questions for justin bieber.

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jc cayeln Justin Bieber had 3 more questions and he wants me to ask them because he had a concert today. He gave me the questions so the three questions are how does population density affect housing, land use, and health ? If you mesage me them i will tell him. Thank you.24 hours ago via TweetDeckCommentLike


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Abbigale Bridges I totally understand he had a concert. Thank you JC for taking over. He appreciates it and i don't have a problem telling you what the answers are. Population density affects housing in many ways that present challenges for Japan since there is a very limited amount of flat land so buildings can be built. Due to limited land Japenese houses are smaller than the ones in America, most of Japenses live in houses no bigger than an American living room.most of the Japenese familes have a nuclear family which only consist of parents and their children. even though the Japenese might have a smaller house they've found new smart ways to use most of their limited space. They do this by doing one clever thing which would be to use a room for more than one usage23 hours ago Like

jc caylen Wow! how about the land use?22 hours ago Like

Abbigale Bridges Japan is over crowded they have started to construct taller buildings. These buildings are earthquake resistant so it allows Japanese to build that high up, so it can maintain the land. By saving and maintaining the land the Japanese have built terraces into new hillsides to create rice fields. To make more efficient of land use the Japanese also had started to build underground the city. This large area is filled with shops and restaurants, it includes a shopping center, park, an art museum, a Buddhist temple, and even a zoo. They also have capsule hotels that fit one person and the bathroom and the rest of the stuff is in a different area.21 hours ago Like

jc caylen I see, i see. and how about the health? Kian lawley will ask you about this because i have to go but thank you for your time. I will tell Justin about this and this was really cool to learn.20 hours ago Like

Abbigale bridges Your welcome! any time. Thank you19 hours ago Like

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