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Jonathan Edwards I don't understand what you are all babbling on about but I want to contribute to this discussion anyways. It is very possible that each and every one of you are going to hell because hell is very real. 24 hours ago via TweetDeckCommentLike


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Jonathan Edwards However, I do appreciate how much Ralph and Henry have expressed their deep belief in God. It gives me a reason to believe that they are rare exceptions to the general nature of humans being immoral and inherently bad. 23 hours ago Like

William Bradford Thank goodness someone else believes that humans are essentially bad and destined for hell. I have felt completely out of place reading many of the comments that did not concern the Lord. 22 hours ago Like

William Bradford If you are not familiar with me I was the governor of the Plymouth Colony for 30 years. As well as my experience in governance I was key in helping my peers and I survive the first winter which was rather harsh.21 hours ago Like

Jonathan Edwards It is nice to encounter someone in this discussion that values God as much as I do. These silly authors have no idea how close they are at any moment to slipping into the depths of hell where Satan is waiting for them. 20 hours ago Like

Washington Irving I do not see why you two are so obsessed with God, I hold literature in the same regards that you hold God with. Through my works I can entertain people and appeal to the mysticism that they desire in fiction. 19 hours ago Like

Washington Irving Even so, I think that there is some common ground between us that we can both agree on. In my age of literature, Romanticism, it was very common to create protagonists that had deep distrust for women. 18 hours ago Like

Washington Irving Maybe this only applies to you, William Bradford, since you are Puritan and hold much more stringent views on women. I think that Jonathan would be more trustworthy of his wife considering his Protestant denomination. 17 hours ago Like

William Bradford Yes, I do believe that women are more likely to sin and are purely sexual creatures.However you should not let this view of mine tarnish your respect for me since I was instrumental in the permanent establishment of the Plymouth Colony.16 hours ago Like

Jonathan Edwards I, on the other hand, love my wife dearly and we have had eleven children together. I have had respect for women since my youth because I had an incredibly gifted mother. 14 hours ago Like

William Bradford It seems that the impact I had on the ultimate development of the Plymouth Colony is lost on you buffoons. I was vital to the success of the Mayflower reaching our final destination and I implemented the political processes that would remain in place for years. 13 hours ago Like

Washington Irving Neither of us is denyong that you accomplished great things, we were just focusing our discussion on the negative views that you hold regarding women. If you would like, we could switch the topic to our accomplishments instead of yours. 12 hours ago Like

Washington Irving I wrote the first two American short stories, Rip Van Winkle, and the Legend of Sleepy Hollow. My trailblazing in this area of literature set the guiding framework for everyone else's American short stories.11 hours ago Like

Jonathan Edwards That is quite impressive Washington Irving, but I think that my accomplishments are far more important in the grand scheme of things than your accomplishments. I was one of the key leaders in the Revivalist movement which reinvigorated religion in North America. 10 hours ago Like

William Bradford I must admit that both of you have considerably important accomplishments but I do not think either of your accomplishments is more important than the other. The way I see it is that both of your accomplishments are important in different ways just as the establishment of Plymouth was important to everyone in different ways.9 hours ago Like

Washington Irving Writing those two short stories are far from being everything that I have done in my life. Prior to my writing of my literature I worked as a satirical essay writer for my brother Peter's newspaper.8 hours ago Like

Jonathan Edwards I was not only a Revivalist preacher and one of the leaders of that religious movement. Before I was the leader of this movement I was one of the most influential pastors in Massachusetts, outside of Boston, because I preached in Northampton. 7 hours ago Like

William Bradford Well even I have had more accomplishments than what I had previously told you about. I wrote a history of Plymouth Colony after my governorship that is famous for its separation of religious and secular concerns. 6 hours ago Like

Jonathan Edwards It seems that we have all become too focused on our secular achievements, which is similar to what I preached against in my leadership of the Revivalist movement. I think that my beliefs apply here too because I focused on the attention that people gave their items and their ignoring of God. We must focus on God now.5 hours ago Like

Washington Irving Shut up about God Jonathan Edwards, I am so sick of hearing you talk about how we are all going to hell and how we need to focus on God more. It is my choice to focus on my accomplishments rather than God, and I think that you should respect that.4 hours ago Like

Jonathan Edwards You should have more respect for me Washington! I am a man of the Lord and by disrespecting me you are disrespecting God himself. You are destined to go to hell, and I am absolutely certain of that now.3 hours ago Like

William Bradford Calm down men! We are all respected members of our respective communities and areas of expertise. We should all be able to get along in the way that my policy of religious toleration allowed people with other religious views to live in Plymouth peacefully.2 hours ago Like

Jonathan Edwards That is actually a good point William, for once you are not bragging about the various ways in which you were responsible for the success of Plymouth Colony. I will personally tell Washington that I regret the statement I made earlier.2 hours ago Like

Washington Irving I am sure that your apology will be genuine since you hold such firm opinions on everything from the immorality of man to the reality of hell. Even so I am glad that you will at least make an apology for appearances rather than letting me brood over this argument. 2 hours ago Like

William Bradford I am glad that you can at least accept the notion of Jonathan apologizing to you Washington. It just made me so uncomfortable to see two respected and accomplished men bickering like children. 2 hours ago Like

Jonathan Edwards I am sorry that I made the statement earlier about you being destined for hell, I am genuinely sorry for that. And with my apology for my statement I am done with this discussion, it has been quite a pleasure to discuss things with you men. 2 hours ago Like

Washington Irving Well, that apology did look quite genuine Jonathan. I am glad that we did not have to discuss nature as Emerson and Thoreau did at the beginning of this conversation. I hope that we can continue to have discussions such as this one in the near future.2 hours ago Like

William Bradford It gave me great joy to discuss the varying topics that we have in this discussion with you respected men. This reminds me of the great feeling I had when I successfully guided Plymouth through our first winter and therefore set it up for future success. 2 hours ago Like

Washington Irving I feel that I have gained a lot of knowledge from this discussion that I can use to make literature as great as my Sketch Book. Without a doubt, this discussion has definitely made me more knowledgeable of the different views that varying groups hold on numerous topics. 2 hours ago Like

William Bradford Even though we saw that we had clear differences, I think that we can all agree this discussion has been mutually beneficial. I do hope, just as you and Jonathan have said, that we may have more discussions similar to this one in the future. 2 hours ago Like

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